Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Man

I've been so busy, and will be busier, until school ends, which is in the next week and a half. My dress had to be put on hold, and currently is almost done. It has one sleeve on it - which I suppose could be a fashion statement. Hmmm...

I still haven't gotten those girdles either - I'll be posting about my experience with them whenever they arrive.

While the gust of school winds blow by, I have some filler for you all.

I present for my discerning audience; the LEOPOTARD!

Hello Nineteen-fifty-fourrrrr

You can click for a much larger view. And I think you'll want to.

According to the inflation calculator, it'd currently cost $137.81!

Sorry Peggy, I don't think you'll see the Leopotard under the tree this year

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  1. I can't believe nobody's commented on this! It's HILARIOUS! x