Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday Sale!

There will be a Black Friday Sale at my Etsy shop, Things Found Vintage (Hooray!)

I sell mostly vintage sewing patterns, some clothing, and miscellaneous - I'll be adding some more stuff and PDF's for the sale too. I hope to add an e-book version of It's Fun to Make a Hat - a great 40's millinery guide with lots of illustrations, which includes two hat patterns in it!

The sale starts at 12 am Pacific Time. Use the discount code BLOGGYFRIDAY to get 15% off. Make sure to use this one, as the one posted on my shop's page is only for 10% off.

Happy Holidays everyone!

PS: I hope to debut my yellow dress on Thanksgiving. I'm crossing my fingers. Once it is done there will be an outfit post! (Double Hooray!)

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