Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Man

I've been so busy, and will be busier, until school ends, which is in the next week and a half. My dress had to be put on hold, and currently is almost done. It has one sleeve on it - which I suppose could be a fashion statement. Hmmm...

I still haven't gotten those girdles either - I'll be posting about my experience with them whenever they arrive.

While the gust of school winds blow by, I have some filler for you all.

I present for my discerning audience; the LEOPOTARD!

Hello Nineteen-fifty-fourrrrr

You can click for a much larger view. And I think you'll want to.

According to the inflation calculator, it'd currently cost $137.81!

Sorry Peggy, I don't think you'll see the Leopotard under the tree this year

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday Sale!

There will be a Black Friday Sale at my Etsy shop, Things Found Vintage (Hooray!)

I sell mostly vintage sewing patterns, some clothing, and miscellaneous - I'll be adding some more stuff and PDF's for the sale too. I hope to add an e-book version of It's Fun to Make a Hat - a great 40's millinery guide with lots of illustrations, which includes two hat patterns in it!

The sale starts at 12 am Pacific Time. Use the discount code BLOGGYFRIDAY to get 15% off. Make sure to use this one, as the one posted on my shop's page is only for 10% off.

Happy Holidays everyone!

PS: I hope to debut my yellow dress on Thanksgiving. I'm crossing my fingers. Once it is done there will be an outfit post! (Double Hooray!)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bound and Girdled

As I unabashedly enter the world of womanhood, I realize, a girl needs some good foundation wear right?
Well, I've had some minimal vintage lingerie in the past, but never a girdle! I've committed myself to the idea of glamorous undergarments and had to share my excitement about these little beauties I just won on the Bay!

Caprice brand girdle

I think this is adorable and love old lingerie in the salmon pink semi sheers. I think the chevron is real cute too.

Chantelle French girdle

Okay, so I definitely am looking forward to this one a little more. I love the Art Deco shapes on front and the button attached garters. Plus, I'm a sucker for black lingerie.

Of course I had to go for both, I'm calling it a taste tester.

Longline bras, you are next! (And then maybe a beautiful, flowing peignoir and a vanity to lounge at haha)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Muay Thai, Good Day!

Tonight at the end of practice (70 right kicks, 35 switch, I don't know how many knees, etc...), I did 129 high power strikes in 3 minutes! 6 more than last time! That includes kicks (low, medium, and high,) knees, punches, and elbows. Not bad for a lack of striking classes lately!

I also sold three patterns and made a lot of progress on my etching.

I thought I'd share my


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trying to Keep Beautiful Fabrics From Fading

I have a few very vintage fabrics that don't have very stable coloring. Even little drops of water from my iron cause the dye to spread :(

Does anyone have any personal experience / advice on how to wash these fabrics so their dyes don't run all over the place? I know of the vinegar trick but I am looking for others!

Thanks so much you guys!

Also Jean Claude Van Damme is planning on fighting early next year (!!!!)

I leave you with this gem

Monday, November 15, 2010

Art Post

Etching of a Greek Goddess (In Progress)


I've been taking drawing this term mainly because drawing was always pretty much a large avoidance for me. I am trying to get back into art like I used to be and I figured I should confront drawing at some point. (Not to say there hasn't been any dragging of feet about it...) I suppose this isn't necessarily a drawing anymore as I am etching with a knife for the values, but I don't have much experience with shading or any of this and I'm pretty pleased with it so far, so I thought I'd share my progress on it.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hollywood 1384 and fabric!

The end of the school term is closing in and I'm trying to de-stress by making sure I keep productive on non-school type projects too.

So here is the dress I'm starting on. I'm not sure whether I'll be ruffling (same color) or bowing.

Do you favor one or the other?

Friday, November 12, 2010

A short post

I am updating from my phone so this won't be the longest post, but I thought I'd pop in for a little update!
I've just started on another dress, which you'll soon see peeps of.
And today I went tried out going to a rock climbing gym for the first time! I attempted the bouldering rocks, attempted - they were hard. And I successfully made it to the top of the 40 ft wall on a medium difficulty (the easier ones were taken so I had to be brave haha.)
I think it may become a weekly thing. It is fun and difficult, plus they had some old cheap climbing shoes there and Fridays are half off for students!
Oh, and I didn't forget about BOTW (Bruise of the Week) but wondered if the placement was appropriate for a blogging lady to reveal(!) I think I may move along the route of finding bruises that look like something - say the Virgin Mary or a peace sign?
Anyone started a new project?

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Bruise of the Week!

Our panel called for a tie (and for the room to be cleaned)

I figured I can't keep these all to myself and who isn't at least a little fascinated by large bruises? Now, I bruise very easily so when you combine these two factors, a weekly post is born.

In Thai Boxing, kicks are made using the shin as the contact point. For practice, we'll use large pads to kick into. Well, mine are particularly painful and somehow had raving reviews online. I am now sure this company has a factory filled with people on comment boards all day. They feel as if someone made a cement block, put some newspaper around it and then sewed a cover around it. I hear if I use a rolling pin on my shins they'll get tougher, I think I'll just go from camo print to being entirely purple.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Skirt is Finished!

The time is here and the plaid skirt (Hollywood 1326) has finally been finished. A lot of time went into this and a few mistakes deterred it, but I love the results. I chose to line the skirt for added stability; both for the pleat and the fabric. The plaid corduroy is vintage and felt like it could use a helping hand. You may notice it doesn't entirely match up...Well, I'll let you in on a little secret, the grain of the fabric on the back is upside down! I barely had 2 yards of this fabric so I had to work some major magic!

What do you think?