Thursday, March 17, 2011

It All Falls Down

School is out again. Hoooooray! I've vowed to make the next term a less busy term. Too many full days of sitting doing homework. Blah!

My sweater is almost finished, I knit up all the pieces a while back and basted them, but have yet to do the final knit and single crochet. I'll have to look up videos on the crochet bit.

Today, however, I come with a problem. My hair doesn't seem to want to hold curl. It falls down much too easily and I mean from wet sets with concentrated setting lotion too!

The first one is not too long after the brush out. I was running late and so I didn't get to fully brush it, but it was sort of falling even then.

A couple hours later, post wind sweeping. My hair is falling down quite a bit more and getting some Charlie's Angels 70s sweep. The bottom bits have really fallen out.

Next morning, pre-brushing, a brush would only take it all out!

Suggestions anyone? I think my bottom layers are too long, but everything else falls out pretty fast too. These are done with pincurls at a relatively small size. I tried perm rods (maybe not small enough) but they didn't dry very fast. Can you use too much lottabody/setting lotion, which would cause your hair to become more heavy?