Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Muay Thai, Good Day!

Tonight at the end of practice (70 right kicks, 35 switch, I don't know how many knees, etc...), I did 129 high power strikes in 3 minutes! 6 more than last time! That includes kicks (low, medium, and high,) knees, punches, and elbows. Not bad for a lack of striking classes lately!

I also sold three patterns and made a lot of progress on my etching.

I thought I'd share my



  1. Okay, so I have NO idea exactly what all those entail, but judging from my knowledge of how long three minutes is and the standard pace of body movements, that sounds pretty impressive! Congratulations! (and the etching is looking really nice; I never have time to draw or paint anymore).

  2. Evie, I think am going to be posting some video soon of me kicking or something just to give people a better idea of some stuff I do (and to see if my form is okay or really horrible and I just don't know it haha)