Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bound and Girdled

As I unabashedly enter the world of womanhood, I realize, a girl needs some good foundation wear right?
Well, I've had some minimal vintage lingerie in the past, but never a girdle! I've committed myself to the idea of glamorous undergarments and had to share my excitement about these little beauties I just won on the Bay!

Caprice brand girdle

I think this is adorable and love old lingerie in the salmon pink semi sheers. I think the chevron is real cute too.

Chantelle French girdle

Okay, so I definitely am looking forward to this one a little more. I love the Art Deco shapes on front and the button attached garters. Plus, I'm a sucker for black lingerie.

Of course I had to go for both, I'm calling it a taste tester.

Longline bras, you are next! (And then maybe a beautiful, flowing peignoir and a vanity to lounge at haha)


  1. very nice! just got my first girdle too, not sure how it will work for me - still waiting for it to arrive - i am very much in unknown waters here, as i haven't had anything of the kind in the past.
    hope you'll love yours!

  2. i only have one girdle and its a modern one from rago and tons of shapewear which i love too but have always been scared to own/use a vintage one- concerned about it breaking or wearing out faster. Hope you write a follow up as to how they work for you

  3. Yeah, I worry about that too. I know rubber and elastic don't fare so well as time goes on. I'm pretty much trusting the seller! I was also very bad spending-wise today (when I see a deal, I convince myself I have to get it...oops) and bought three more plus stockings and a bra haha. No longline yet , my wallet is worried though.
    I will definitely write a follow-up on them, with more pictures :)

  4. Ooh! These are great finds! I've been wanting a vintage girdle too. That second one with the buttons and art deco lines is incredible!

    Funny how in the 60's women were so glad to finally get rid of girdles - and here we are panting over them!