Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preshrunk Today, Estate Sale Tomorrow


I've been putting off all sorts of projects because most of my stash is NOT PRE-SHRUNK!
Today I went on a bit of a rampage (I think it's because I've been sick and kind of antsy) and shrunk all of my wool. I was a little anxious about the results because I decided to go with the wet towels in the dryer method, but it worked perfectly and now I can use wool whenever I get the urge (this is a hint about a near future post on cold weather wear!) If you're feeling adventurous with your wool, I got my specific directions from the Off The Cuff Style blog. I don't have a dryer so I'm not sure how hot my towels were as much as I tried to dart across the lawn to the laundry room with expediency, my dripping towel bundle and appropriately wet shoes.

There are all sorts of rayons I am getting hand washing going on too. I have limited space for drying so it's my extended project. I did however wash my lining fabric for my plaid skirt. Remember this?:


Well, shortly it will be lined and banished to my wardrobe (not without a picture escort of course) and a new project on its way in.

Tomorrow I am going to an estate sale after being out of the loop for a while, hopefully I'll have some good finds to show off afterward.


  1. Love, love, love the plaids and houndstooths! I always try and pre-shrink things right when I get them so I don't have to think about it whenever I finally get around to making something.

  2. Well that's because you're smart! Haha. My wools weren't bad but the rest of my stash feels a little overwhelming now.
    I'm going to try my best with catch up and my goal is to also be pre-shrinking things right when I get them. It just holds up too many options not to! And I love these wools, I actually got really lucky with a lot of my fabric, a ton of jewel tone gabardines and wools, etc at an estate sale for a woman who worked for MGM studios - each piece of fabric was $1 no matter how large it was. I swear some pieces were full bolts!

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