Sunday, October 17, 2010

A New Setup

On Friday my new computer arrived! It's hard to make out anything but the computer in the picture but maybe you can see a hint of superexcitedohmanican'tbelieveihaveanewcomputer in my face! I haven't had a new computer in maybe seven years (thank you financial aid!) so this is a huge change for me. I have some plans for some pdf's in my Etsy store and Right now 'It's Fun to Make a Hat' is staring me in the face just asking me to scan it. This also means some inspirational scans from all the old sewing pattern books I have from the 20s through 40s!

And first official picture of me on the blog! I went out for the day with my Mom yesterday and I'm wearing my first snood. I wish I had gotten a better shot of it but it was black and camera phones, no matter how good, only make it look like lumpy, gravy-like hair on the back of your head. I decided to be ambitious too and (while completely ignoring the beautiful plaid skirt that needs lining still) whipped up a knee length, high-waisted slim skirt out of some black cotton jersey to wear for the day.

I haven't got any action shots of going out, probably because after tasting a couple wines and cider options at the Farmers' Market, I was thoroughly buzzed(!) We did stop by a vintage shop later in the day and I snapped a two inspiration shots in the dark fitting room. Here was a gorgeous 60s Oscar de la Renta tailored top with peplum.

If I had a bit more money, it might be in my closet right now, but I have stuck it in my inspiration folder, hoping to recreate it at some point. And then there was a seafoam green sailor style dress with a drop waist. It was so cute, but the seams looked as though they might give within the first wearing (and had a price issue too.)

Alright, that's that for now!

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