Thursday, February 10, 2011

Handsawing the night away

My partially finished canvas frame!

I love art classes, and working on art generally, but one of the big issues can be cost. I have a couple strays, but for our next project in class, we're going to need 3 canvases.
I'm not exactly swimming in money and I love a good project so I was searching Craigslist (online classifieds basically) and checking materials costs for stretching my own canvases. The most of expensive of these being canvas, but I found a great deal and bought an absolutely GIANT roll of it from a really lovely woman for very cheap because she was closing her studio. This meant, hoooooray, no worrying about canvas for a while!
I also sauntered down to the hardware store and picked up quite a few strips of 1x2's and quarter round.
There are these things called miter boxes which contain slots for a bunch of different angles, so you can saw within one of these slots and get, say, a 45 degree angle cut with much more ease than, how I'm doing it now! I am marking the angle and then just handsawing with wild abandon and I've definitely found there is some skill to the saw!
My frame looks a little Frankenstein's monster so far but I don't think anyone will notice once a canvas is stretched over it and I have the pride of having made it :)

Oh, and my knitting is coming along quite nicely too!

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