Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Comes to an End and Winter is on the Cusp

I finished with school for the term and I ended up with straight A's! I was working pretty diligently the last week or so with my web development courses.
Here's a link to what I was working on: Things Found Vintage

You may have taken the guess already but I'm thinking about making the leap to my own site and really revving up output and become more rounded with what I sell. That's a pretty rough layout, but it's where I'm headed. I was almost thinking of changing my shop's name to something a little more creative too - the current one is a bit dull. Maybe that's just me?

I have been working on my dress again! The super lightweight cotton I am using has been pretty finicky so there have been some breaks in between progress (to accomodate wailing and gnashing of teeth.) Thank goodness the sleeves are through with, I look forward to working with a stiffer, or at least thicker, fabric. I think I've been dragging my feet about finishing because I know I can't truly finish until I get a proper buckle for the dress. Does anyone else do this? And how don't I have more buckles with the ridiculous amount of random notions I have?

Since classes have been out I have been at the gym almost every day. I cut down quite a bit during finals... on everything else but school really and so I think a few pounds snuck up on me!

Remember those girdles I purchased? They were sent on the 23rd of last month but they haven't shown up yet. I'm still crossing my fingers because they were shipped out of England and they're having some real weather problems lately from what I hear. Portland is real similar when it snows everyone throws up their arms and runs around in panic until most the city's population just huddle inside.

I've been on a bit of a shopping binge and so I'll post a few pictures of my goodies too. I need to keep it down to window shopping for a while now... A lot of the purchases were worthwhile, and all good deals (I see a good deal and my hand just reaches for my wallet automatically.)

Speaking of buys, I got some sleeves for my patterns! I'm going through and besleeving them all, finally! I think it might take a while but this means I'll be able to move them around with a little less worry. I'm also trying to order them all by date. Then maybe I'll let you see my collection. Let's just say I got 500 sleeves and I'm not really sure it's enough...

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the semester with A's! I just finished on Tuesday and managed to keep up straight A's through at least this first semester of grad school. Definitely relieved to be done for a bit! I frequently get things mostly put together and drag my feet about finishing details. I hope your girdles get there soon, and good luck on the sleeving project!