Thursday, March 17, 2011

It All Falls Down

School is out again. Hoooooray! I've vowed to make the next term a less busy term. Too many full days of sitting doing homework. Blah!

My sweater is almost finished, I knit up all the pieces a while back and basted them, but have yet to do the final knit and single crochet. I'll have to look up videos on the crochet bit.

Today, however, I come with a problem. My hair doesn't seem to want to hold curl. It falls down much too easily and I mean from wet sets with concentrated setting lotion too!

The first one is not too long after the brush out. I was running late and so I didn't get to fully brush it, but it was sort of falling even then.

A couple hours later, post wind sweeping. My hair is falling down quite a bit more and getting some Charlie's Angels 70s sweep. The bottom bits have really fallen out.

Next morning, pre-brushing, a brush would only take it all out!

Suggestions anyone? I think my bottom layers are too long, but everything else falls out pretty fast too. These are done with pincurls at a relatively small size. I tried perm rods (maybe not small enough) but they didn't dry very fast. Can you use too much lottabody/setting lotion, which would cause your hair to become more heavy?

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  1. I am having difficulty with my curls as well, my hair is straight and smooth and it only holds a curl with overnight wet sets and even then it can be a struggle. I have to use undiluted setting lotion and I still don't get the strong bouncy curl that people with a dyed/bleached permed hair obtain. Of course, the longer the hair, the more pressure on the curl to unfold due to its own weight. But some hair is just better at curling than other. I know that for myself I just cannot expect anything to happen within 2 hours, but only after uncomfortable long nights :). I was wondering as well whether I might be overdoing it with the setting lotion, although I don't see how that is possible, if you let it dry properly.
    A known fact is that the monthly periods also affect how your hair is setting, so I am scheduling my efforts around that,after I have experienced failed sets due to this aspect.